Bakk in Business...

I think. After my BIG project w/ the homie last week, I've been on a roll. All I have wanted to do is make stuff. That hasn't actually been all I've been doing, but the desire is there when it wasn't before and that makes me feel good.

Outside of diligently seeking appropriate items to personalize my home, this week I actually painted something. Bf's longtime friend is having a baby, so we teamed up to give her a basket full of awesome for her shower over the weekend. It's been a while since I've done those and they were always some of my favs to do. I did designs I had already done before, but whatever. I had fun! It was like I never left.

You know they have to coordinate. 

Ya'll remember this? Well, it has a home now. 

Isn't it cute?
I didn't make this...but they had custom confetti!!! :) 

AND Bf gave me a task of turning a pin he bought into a nekklace. It's been a minute, but I did that too. I felt so accomplished.

I was ready for the next task, but there was nothing left to do. At least not in the time frame I had. Now if I can just get these last couple of things done, which I'm actually working on right now, I fully intend to focus on creating in the month of August. If it goes as planned, it'll be just like before. New stuff every day. I'll scream "this is Sparta" or something. It'll be great. I'm ready.

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