What I'm working on: MASSES

Happy October,

I've been busy trying to reach my paint goals and working on things that basically make me feel good. I've come to find that I have an affinity for birds. Of course I've done some doves. I've done the hummingbird and I'm working on number 2. I'm working on peacock number 3 and I really want to do a parrot and a phoenix.

If I wasn't so ashamed of the mess I've made, I'd post a pic of what starting 11 pieces looks like. That's what I did yesterday. Maybe when they are all done, I'll take a picture of the finished pile. I love seeing them all side by side.

THEN, today my mother calls and says "you're going to be mad..." I say, "I'm not doing it." LOL. She came home with a BOX of shirts (15) for me to do for her job. She has a new position and this is her contribution to meeting certain requirements so WE can get a Christmas bonus. It's Tuesday night. She says they were initially trying to have them done for Friday. That's not going to happen. I'll have them done soon enough though. I support bonuses. OWWWW!!!

Anyway, chekk out my first two peacocks. One for mommy and one for baby.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Those peacocks look AMAZING! :) I love your work.. I'd like to get some things done by Christmas, and I have some ideas but just no design imagination.. I'll just keep going thru..but I LOVE the peacock stuff! :)

SYM1 said...

Don't laugh. A year later and I'm still learning how to use this thing, so I'm just now seeing this, but I'm excited b/c it's new to me! The peacocks are one of my favorite things to make. I'm thinking of a new design for them. Thanks so much for all the compliments and the comment!