What I'm working on: Freedom

I don't have any pictures today. I haven't taken any. I'd like to show you all the things lined up and pretty on the floor. At this point, the vast majority of it is blue. How fun. I'm going to take one before I go to the post office on Friday.

My birthday is 10 days away and I always encourage people to shop around this time so I can have a little extra spending money. This year, as always, they came through. I'm BUSY!!! Not swamped, just busy. I've been pretty productive though, so I may just reach my goal of completing the majority of these items before I start my not quite big enough celebration. I hate coming back to a long to do list. So far so good. That's all I have for today. Photo update this weekend.


New Product: TIES

I just posted my first step by step process. WOO HOO! Now it's time for a new product. SYM1 can officially add ties to the inventory. Here are the first two:

I originally didn't intend for them to have the same design, but I posted the gold one first and I got such a great response, I decided to do the black one with the same design for someone else who was ready to order. Now I need to do some more. I have three left (purple like, lavender, and almost blue, lol). I have NO idea what to do with them. Suggestions? I'm definitely going to order some more though. These would make great groomsmen gifts. I imagine them all rolled up in a cute box. I'll make that happen one day. Where are all the pre-married people? Let's make a deal.

Process: The Mermaid

So, I said I wanted to do a mermaid and since I told you all, I didn't want to keep you waiting. Not to mention that I wanted to give it to my aunt as a belated Christmas gift and I wanted to have it done by the time I visited. Well, the visit was for this past weekend and she loved it. I decided to take pics after each layer of paint...I did pretty good. I only forgot to take one. I'm not sure how long it took me from start to finish, I rarely work on one piece at a time. Anyway, here goes: