My Inspiration: Scheduled Vacations

I'm away for my birthday. I'm really enjoying myself. Sometimes it's good to just get away. I think about 36-48 hours in....I was in desperate need of paint. I can be home and not touch paint for three whole days and not have any desire to do so, but as soon as I'm a way, I'm itching and shaking like a drug addict in detox. I am troubled.

I'm so relaxed too. I think since I'm surrounded by my work, even when I'm not working, I never get a break. My mind is always busy conjuring up grand ideas and color combinations. I need to find a remedy for this. It's a problem and I need to work on it, because I'd like to feel like this more often. Relaxed and inspired and WANTING to be working. I think it would be better for my process.

I need a more designated work space. That may not happen for a minute, soooo
I should probably try to take a day off (like all the way off) every now and then.
A VACATION every now and then may help. Since I work from home, anywhere outside of my house would be great. I'm not sure how this would work, but if I could be away 3 days a month, I'm sure I could create this feeling on a regular basis.

I'm happy.

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