SYM and The Mommy Go Vending

Sorry for my absence. I was suffering from technical difficulties. It was tragic. I'm bakk now though with good news to report.

I went vending at Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church on Saturday w/ the mommy. I've sat at many a table in the past, but this was my first time vending alone. I usually team up with someone else. It was my first time paying to vend. It was also, by far, my best experience thus far. So much so, that I'm actually looking forward to doing another event.

I woke up the morning of, only to realize that I had yet to sign any of my pieces. I did that and took this picture: I LOVE IT!!! Then I also had the grand idea that I would take some paint with me and paint on site. I'm not too keen on people watching me paint. I find it distracting, but I thought it would be cool, plus I figured I could probably knokk out a few pieces if anybody wanted something on the spot. It turned out to be a good decision b/c it also resulted in my first sale! She said she needed something soon and I was all too pleased to say you can stop bakk by the table and pikk it up before you go. Here's what I knokked out:

Oh, and I also displayed and sold some of my new gift items. These were a big hit: Infant washcloths wrapped like a lollipop on a spoon. I've been trying to replicate this on a onesie, but I'll refrain from discussing that tragedy. Lol.

All in all my product was well received. So, now I'm just waiting to see if anybody else contacts me.


Sankofa said...

Awesome!!! glad you had a great time!!! Still loving the washcloth lollys.... I don't have kiddies so I won't need those anytime soon... Cool on the spot painting! That's Skillz!!!!

ARTina said...

I ADORE vending! I try to do this one show in Richmond every year...such interesting people come around. In 2010 I think I want to see if I can do one out of VA. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

SYM1 said...

@sankofa: The lollipops are intended as gifts, just a cute way to present something ordinary. However, if someone wants to buy them for their baby just b/c they're cute, I'd take that too.

@artina: This was really the first time I've had fun. Since I do most of my business via web, it was good to actually talk to people and be paid in my hands! I'll have to find another one to do soon.

Ashley said...

glad vending went so well for you...I feel a FSO booth idea coming on (lol)...that would be fantastic and I'd actually try to get tikks for the day you'd be there.